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Harambee Stars vs Chipolopolo


It was a bad day for us here in Kenya.

Final Score:Kenya (Harambee Stars) 1-Zambia (Chipolopolo) 2.

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DR0A3474-2 DR0A3476-2 DR0A3484 DR0A3486-2 DR0A3493-2 DR0A3494-2 DR0A3497-2 DR0A3499-2 DR0A3521-2 DR0A3527-2 DR0A3529-2 DR0A3533-2 DR0A3537-2 DR0A3548 DR0A3552-2 DR0A3559 DR0A3560 DR0A3565 DR0A3568 DR0A3578 DR0A3594 DR0A3624 DR0A3629 DR0A3633 DR0A3640-2 DR0A3643 DR0A3645 DR0A3652 DR0A3660 DR0A3664 DR0A3669 DR0A3684 DR0A3691 DR0A3712 DR0A3740 DR0A3781 DR0A3795 DR0A3816 DR0A3830 DR0A3834 DR0A3845 DR0A3846 DR0A3852 DR0A3859 DR0A3861 DR0A3862 DR0A3863 DR0A3869 DR0A3877 DR0A3883 DR0A3909 DR0A3914 DR0A3919 DR0A3934 DR0A3938 DR0A4017 DR0A4042 DR0A4044 DR0A4048 DR0A4049 DR0A4069 DR0A4133 DR0A4135 DR0A4159 DR0A4161 DR0A4171 DR0A4176 DR0A4179 DR0A4190 DR0A4205 DR0A4222 DR0A4223 DR0A4224 DR0A4226 DR0A4228 DR0A4230 DR0A4231 DR0A4232 DR0A4238 DR0A4265 DR0A4269 DR0A4287 DR0A4313 DR0A4328 DR0A4347 DR0A4349 DR0A4356 DR0A4357 DR0A4361 DR0A4365 DR0A4380 DR0A4382 DR0A4386 DR0A4395 DR0A4400 DR0A4405 DR0A4403 DR0A4408 DR0A4424 DR0A4425 DR0A4426 DR0A4439 DR0A4448 DR0A4474 DR0A4484 DR0A4487 DR0A4499 DR0A4530 DR0A4532 DR0A4540 DR0A4545 DR0A4557 DR0A4565 DR0A4587 DR0A4589 DR0A4596 DR0A4597 DR0A4618 DR0A4624 DR0A4626 DR0A4632 DR0A4634 DR0A4639 DR0A4640 DR0A4641 DR0A4647 DR0A4651 DR0A4652

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  1. beautifull pics…I can tell the game was very intense just by looking through the pictures…would have loved to see a pic of a kenyan player getting past a Zambian opponent…!

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