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Road to Russia(World Cup) begins………


Kenya at home against Cape Verde in the first of a two legged encounter to decide who moves on to the next stage. Match is at the Nyayo National Stadium Nairobi.

Here is the full coverage.

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DR0A6024 DR0A6042-2 DR0A6047 DR0A6048 DR0A6051 DR0A6056

The fans.

DR0A6064 DR0A6075

It’s business for some.

DR0A6076 DR0A6080 DR0A6083 DR0A6084

Even the veteran ‘Joe Kadenge’

DR0A6096 DR0A6097 DR0A6102 DR0A6104 DR0A6106 DR0A6110 DR0A6121 DR0A6131 DR0A6132 DR0A6139 DR0A6140 DR0A6141 DR0A6144 DR0A6151 DR0A6152 DR0A6155 DR0A6168 DR0A6170 DR0A6177

DR0A6182Please help me up there…

DR0A6186 DR0A6187 DR0A6189 DR0A6190

Just one more and we done….


Thank you, this is exactly where I wanted to be…


And now to some Isukuti from the Ingwe(the A.F.C Leopards fans) people..


This is just love and passion for the game..

DR0A6205 DR0A6207 DR0A6209 DR0A6211

Bobby Williamson ( Kenya Team Coach)

DR0A6223 DR0A6225

Match time..

DR0A6231 DR0A6237

Team Kenya

DR0A6245 DR0A6251 DR0A6253



Milton Nyakundi..Thank you btw. I owe you.

DR0A6264 DR0A6267 DR0A6268

Team photos.

Team Kenya.


Cape Verde.


Manager names vs face confirmation by the Match officials.


Bench:Cape Verde




Eng. Michael Olunga scores.

DR0A6296 DR0A6298 DR0A6301 DR0A6305 DR0A6314

Kenya kept pressing on..


Cape Verde never gave up..they kept threatening the Kenyan defense severally.

DR0A6323 DR0A6341 DR0A6352

The tackles.

DR0A6355 DR0A6356

Too busy a day to warrant distraction.


Kenya still pressing harder now for a second goal.

DR0A6383 DR0A6385 DR0A6386 DR0A6403

Half time.


Future talent acting now as ball boys.


Lets head to the stands..

DR0A6430 DR0A6431 DR0A6442 DR0A6444 DR0A6445 DR0A6446 DR0A6449 DR0A6453 DR0A6454 DR0A6472 DR0A6473 DR0A6476 DR0A6492 DR0A6493 DR0A6506 DR0A6508 DR0A6498 DR0A6509 DR0A6514 DR0A6519 DR0A6521 DR0A6527 DR0A6530 DR0A6533 DR0A6535

We are back but there’s lots of fun at the stands.

DR0A6538 DR0A6540 DR0A6541 DR0A6545 DR0A6547 DR0A6550 DR0A6554 DR0A6559 DR0A6560 DR0A6562 DR0A6563 DR0A6568 DR0A6571 DR0A6573 DR0A6574 DR0A6582 DR0A6586 DR0A6601 DR0A6600 DR0A6598 DR0A6589 DR0A6588 DR0A6604 DR0A6608 DR0A6609 DR0A6611

For a moment they were quiet…


But then….

DR0A6615 DR0A6616 DR0A6619


DR0A6622 DR0A6624

For once MC Philipo is attending a football match. I must find out if he has a problem..


And he was not alone.


Welcome back to the field of play.

DR0A6652 DR0A6653 DR0A6657 DR0A6658

Just chilling..

DR0A6671 DR0A6677

Do I even have to say what was happening?

DR0A6681 DR0A6682

Lets try a quick sprint.

DR0A6684 DR0A6686 DR0A6696

Some one is busy preparing to take a free kick while this little fellow decided to check in..


Win at last Kenya 1- Cape Verde 0

DR0A6727 DR0A6737

DR0A6740How I wish it was the World Cup..


Kenyans with bad habit of pitch invasion, immediately after the game…this needs to stop!


Happy with the results..yes, no….

DR0A6757 DR0A6760

So before I left, was told there are a must take photos..

DR0A6762 DR0A6764 DR0A6765

And then I made her my model…

DR0A6770 DR0A6772

Selfie time.

DR0A6773 DR0A6774

Interview with Mr. Joe Kadenge?…oooh yes.


I will show my Dad this portrait some day. He kept talking about Kadenge when I was young.

DR0A6778 DR0A6788

I also waited patiently for this moment.

DR0A6791 DR0A6795 DR0A6800 DR0A6803

Look at that suit again.

Till next time.


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  1. Great work Evans,i feel like i was there in person.Picha ziko freshy bro…Am proud of u..Keep up telling the stories through the lens..Awesome


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