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‘Le Diner en Blanc’ Nairobi

Venue:Uhuru Gardens along Lang’ata Road.



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DR0A9054 DR0A9055 DR0A9060 DR0A9151 DR0A9156 DR0A9091 DR0A9124 DR0A9072 DR0A9254 DR0A9134 DR0A9194 DR0A9198 DR0A9158 DR0A9109 DR0A9135 DR0A9102 DR0A9164


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DR0A9364 DR0A9360 DR0A9717 DR0A9367 DR0A9318-2 DR0A9235 DR0A9265 DR0A9515 DR0A9566 DR0A9501 DR0A9685 DR0A9709 DR0A9374 DR0A9225 DR0A9394 DR0A9712 DR0A9713 DR0A9371 DR0A9357 DR0A9656 DR0A9458 DR0A9364 DR0A9690 DR0A9736 DR0A9650 DR0A9627 DR0A9726 DR0A9741 DR0A9652 DR0A9590 DR0A9489 DR0A9742 DR0A9556 DR0A9681 DR0A9613 DR0A9647 DR0A9664 DR0A9641 DR0A9692 DR0A9594 DR0A9572 DR0A9505 DR0A9642 DR0A9605 DR0A9377 DR0A9518 DR0A9261 DR0A9595 DR0A9289 DR0A9555 DR0A9615 DR0A9634 DR0A9610 DR0A9687 DR0A9744 DR0A9688 DR0A9674 DR0A9683 DR0A9763 DR0A9764 DR0A9768 DR0A9779 DR0A9793 DR0A9787 DR0A9796 DR0A9643


DR0A9508 DR0A9248 DR0A9646 DR0A9659 DR0A9615DR0A9736


DR0A9669 DR0A9577 DR0A9607 DR0A9628 DR0A9601 DR0A9717 DR0A9738 DR0A9661 DR0A9530 DR0A9797

Was fun.

Stay blessed.


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