Saturday Night with Jameson

Got back into some nightlife brand activations with Bugika Entertainment at Persia Lounge TRM. The aim of the activations is usually to sample and create more awareness about the brands involved while pushing sales. This past weekend I bring to you Jameson, a fun filled activation at my normal joint. Enjoy.

Chapati Forum for the Street Children

Dennis Itumbi and his friends organized this charity event to celebrate his birthday (19th March 2016). It was such a noble event that attracted hundreds of volunteers including  my team #teamstunners #StunnersNaChapo. Enjoy some of the moments captured during the event, that left a lasting memory for the people who volunteered and thousands of street children who turned up.

Athi 4×4 Challenge 2016

So after my normal Sunday routine at Church I headed off to the Athi River in search of HOPCRAFT RANCH, the venue for the 2016 Athi 4×4 Challenge. Sneaked into Daystar University to check up on friends and later embarked on the main event which was just across the road.