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Athi 4×4 Challenge 2016


So after my normal Sunday routine at Church I headed off to the Athi River in search of HOPCRAFT RANCH, the venue for the 2016 Athi 4×4 Challenge. Sneaked into Daystar University to check up on friends and later embarked on the main event which was just across the road.


Moving on swiftly to 4×4…

DR0A8934 DR0A8940 DR0A8967 DR0A8976 DR0A8989 DR0A9000 DR0A9004-2 DR0A9012 DR0A9015 DR0A9031-2 DR0A9059 DR0A9071 DR0A9072 DR0A9079 DR0A9089 DR0A9102 DR0A9115 DR0A9127 DR0A9133 DR0A9140 DR0A9141 DR0A9142 DR0A9148 DR0A9159 DR0A9171 DR0A9186 DR0A9193 DR0A9195 DR0A9198 DR0A9203 DR0A9215 DR0A9217 DR0A9221 DR0A9225 DR0A9228 DR0A9234 DR0A9244 DR0A9245 DR0A9264 DR0A9271 DR0A9276 DR0A9278 DR0A9282 DR0A9284 DR0A9292 DR0A9300 DR0A9319 DR0A9322 DR0A9332 DR0A9338 DR0A9341-2 DR0A9362 DR0A9365 DR0A9372 DR0A9394 DR0A9399 DR0A9403 DR0A9409 DR0A9433 DR0A9441 DR0A9447 DR0A9450 DR0A9455 DR0A9460 DR0A9473 DR0A9474 DR0A9497 DR0A9499 DR0A9521 DR0A9532 DR0A9536 DR0A9548 DR0A9554 DR0A9558 DR0A9559 DR0A9567 DR0A9570 DR0A9579 DR0A9580 DR0A9586 DR0A9588 DR0A9590 DR0A9592 DR0A9594 DR0A9598 DR0A9605 DR0A9626 DR0A9650

And its a wrap from the finish spot.


That was the last 4×4 on track. Off to the SPECTACULAR African sun set.



DR0A9661 DR0A9670 DR0A9675 DR0A9680 DR0A9684

Ford Defender and owner.

DR0A9686If only I can get my hands on the car (Ford Defender)

DR0A9693 DR0A9703

Father and Son (Chris of Classic Cars Kenya Car number 005)

DR0A9705 DR0A9714

What are friends for?


That was a nice Sunday spent with my Camera and car lovers. Till next time. I hit Nairobi traffic only to get home and find my Team Manchester United 1 nil down. We recovered though and will have a replay of the F.A Cup quarters against Westham.

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