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A Night with Jack Daniel at Persia Lounge

Bugika Night at Persia Lounge Thika Road Mall every Saturday night.


Good branding at the entrance.


The brand on display for for sampling.

DR0A8325_1 DR0A8424 DR0A8427

The branding inside the venue.

DR0A8367_1 DR0A8368_1

The brand Ambassadors.

DR0A8383 DR0A8398

Clients being sampled.

DR0A8395 DR0A8431 DR0A8444 DR0A8449 DR0A8457 DR0A8460 DR0A8468

Someone was celebrating her birthday as well.

DR0A8503 DR0A8504 DR0A8505

The brand ambassadors kept interacting with the patrons.


Some would sample.


And later pose.


The deejay of the night.


Of course that signature pose.


Mean while, sampling is still going on well.


Some patrons made the buy.

DR0A8597 DR0A8598 DR0A8606

The have nice branded polo shirts.


He wanted more….

DR0A8643 DR0A8649 DR0A8656

And then you meet the photogenic people the night brings along….

DR0A8663 DR0A8664

She became a bit impatient…patience is a virtue my dear…

DR0A8665 DR0A8670

I warned you, they are photogenic. they love the camera and the flash..

DR0A8691 DR0A8699

The birthday crew.


Deejay two.

DR0A8719 DR0A8727

My Tanzanian Girlfriends..


Couples on point.

DR0A8732 DR0A8755 DR0A8775 DR0A8777 DR0A8736 DR0A8742

I liked this group.

DR0A8767 DR0A8772

When you miss her/him..


I also had to pose…photo courtesy of John Kabugi.

DR0A8794 DR0A8795

And they met after a very long time..

DR0A8798 DR0A8803 DR0A8805 DR0A8808 DR0A8811 DR0A8822 DR0A8827

Deejay 3…by now we getting tired of the party.

DR0A8842 DR0A8857

This photo is full of talent.

DR0A8860 DR0A8864 DR0A8867

And finally.


The party was powered by Bugika Entertainment. Till next time..Bless.

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