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Chapati Forum for the Street Children


Dennis Itumbi and his friends organized this charity event to celebrate his birthday (19th March 2016). It was such a noble event that attracted hundreds of volunteers including  my team #teamstunners #StunnersNaChapo.

Enjoy some of the moments captured during the event, that left a lasting memory for the people who volunteered and thousands of street children who turned up.

DR0A9726 DR0A9729 DR0A9731 DR0A9736 DR0A9742 DR0A9758 DR0A9764 DR0A9766 DR0A9768 DR0A9770 DR0A9774 DR0A9778 DR0A9780 DR0A9785 DR0A9790 DR0A9798 DR0A9799 DR0A9803 DR0A9806 DR0A9811 DR0A9812 DR0A9813 DR0A9815 DR0A9822 DR0A9828

Some Medical Check.

DR0A9831 DR0A9834 DR0A9835 DR0A9843

Clearly, it was not working for him but the meds made sure he took them.

DR0A9846 DR0A9848 DR0A9859 DR0A9860 DR0A9864 DR0A9867 DR0A9870 DR0A9873 DR0A9874 DR0A9877 DR0A9879 DR0A9880 DR0A9881 DR0A9882 DR0A9884 DR0A9885 DR0A9887 DR0A9888

Camera man!

DR0A9892 DR0A9895 DR0A9895 DR0A9897 DR0A9901 DR0A9904 DR0A9912

They need someone they can easily relate with.

DR0A9917 DR0A9918 DR0A9919 DR0A9921 DR0A9926 DR0A9929 DR0A9931 DR0A9932




DR0A9938 DR0A9939 DR0A9941 DR0A9944 DR0A9947 DR0A9950 DR0A9951 DR0A9954 DR0A9958 DR0A9960 DR0A9962 DR0A9970 DR0A9983 DR0A9988 DR0A9991 DR0A9992 DR0A9994 DR0A9995 DR0A9996 DR0A9998 DR0A0004 DR0A0009 DR0A0010 DR0A0021 DR0A0023 DR0A0036 DR0A0042 DR0A0049 DR0A0050


DR0A0059 DR0A0060 DR0A0052 DR0A0053 DR0A0054 DR0A0056 DR0A0061 DR0A0063 DR0A0069 DR0A0100 DR0A0102 DR0A0104 DR0A0124 DR0A0132 DR0A0129 DR0A0139 DR0A0151 DR0A0152 DR0A0179 DR0A0181 DR0A0184 DR0A0199 DR0A0200 DR0A0201 DR0A0206 DR0A0205 DR0A0207 DR0A0214 DR0A0215 DR0A0216 DR0A0219 DR0A0222 DR0A0229 DR0A0231 DR0A0233 DR0A0242 DR0A0245

The message on his hat is clear!

DR0A0257 DR0A0259 DR0A0262 DR0A0263 DR0A0297 DR0A0302 DR0A0312 DR0A0342 DR0A0348 DR0A0353 DR0A0354 DR0A0368 DR0A0388 DR0A0412 DR0A0415 DR0A0433 DR0A0543 DR0A0676 DR0A0687 DR0A0691 DR0A0695 DR0A0696 DR0A0703 DR0A0705 DR0A0712 DR0A0713 DR0A0717 DR0A0725 DR0A0728 DR0A0760 DR0A0761 DR0A0768 DR0A0782 DR0A0790 DR0A0809 DR0A0822 DR0A0840 DR0A5988 DR0A5989 DR0A5999 DR0A6001 DR0A6003 DR0A6004 DR0A6007 DR0A6012 DR0A6014 DR0A6020 DR0A6031 DR0A6072 DR0A6078 DR0A6081 DR0A6102 DR0A6105 DR0A6121 DR0A6131 DR0A6136 DR0A6139 DR0A6149 DR0A6167 DR0A6173 DR0A6183 DR0A6198 DR0A6202 DR0A6239 DR0A6248 DR0A6275 DR0A6287 DR0A6282 DR0A6295 DR0A6296 DR0A6306 DR0A6315 DR0A6373 DR0A6391 DR0A6400 DR0A6403 DR0A6405 DR0A6409 DR0A6411 DR0A6413 DR0A6422 DR0A6429 DR0A6430 DR0A6442 DR0A6473 DR0A6453 DR0A6466 DR0A6469

Until next time. Stay blessed.

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