Don Carlos Live Performance in Nairobi

It has been one very blessed week.

We have had so many events with very many international artists headlining most of them.

In that spirit, I caught up with the Old man Don Carlos as he was scheduled to perform at KICC, Nairobi on 3rd June 2017. You know it’s rare to ever meet these wise old men of ours. They have contributed so much to the industry that we even owe them already.

His performance was very calm as expected, not so much hype and so getting nice portraits of him was easy and quick. Here are a few images.

Image copyright:

Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-1Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-2Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-3Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-4Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-5Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-6Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-7Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-8Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-9Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-10Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-11Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-12Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-13Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-14Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-16

Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-15

Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-17Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-18Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-19Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-20Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-21Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-22Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-23Doncarlos Live in Nairobi-24

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