Are you somewhere in this great world of ours and you are wondering what would inspire you to visit Nairobi? Or even connect via Nairobi.

There is more to what you might actually have thought.

You just need 20 mins from the CBD to Nairobi National Park on a good day without traffic and 40-60 minutes with traffic but be very flexible. Even better with 20 minutes you can get to the Park directly from the Airport via the Southern bypass….

What more can I say, I have fallen into this trap of always having something to do. A lot of times I have become a friend of the Nairobi National Park and soon it will be my second home. I celebrate the park being 8 minutes away from my house if I step into my ride by 6.00AM that is for a early morning game drive.

I made a visit on Saturday 12th August 2017 on a loose afternoon and for just 2 hours I was able to see a lot.

You can manage with a normal car FYI, however, you are advised to use a 4 wheel because some areas of the roads are not so easy….but then for a simple date with your Subaru Forester you will have an awesome day.

This might come as a shocker to some of you who know me as an events Photographer, I also enjoy and have some Nature and wildlife collections…..Keep it here…exhibition coming soon.

Let’s enjoy Nairobi, feel free to get in touch and always call me up if you need company to the park.


Image copyright of Evans Ogeto/www.ogetoevans.com

NNP August 2017-1
I found him first together with his family…..
NNP August 2017-3
All they wanted was food.
NNP August 2017-4
They kept looking…
NNP August 2017-14
Only surviving on hope.
NNP August 2017-20
Everyone needs their space and so yeah I went to do other things and I left them alone. This ‘our Nairobi’ view from the National Park Section 4.

NNP August 2017-22

NNP August 2017-15
See who shows up!
NNP August 2017-5
You will never walk alone..
NNP August 2017-18
And a family friend.
NNP August 2017-6
You have to keep your eyes open you know….
NNP August 2017-16
Clearly something is wrong.
NNP August 2017-19
Let’s nduthis…
NNP August 2017-8
Hey bro stop!
NNP August 2017-7
Hey man we are lucky today…
NNP August 2017-2
Will have to try again at night bro.

NNP August 2017-13

NNP August 2017-24
And these humans!
NNP August 2017-26
I still have some moves….

NNP August 2017-30

NNP August 2017-31

NNP August 2017-32
In the meantime that would have been food….
NNP August 2017-9
They were also watching…
NNP August 2017-10
Caught up with this Giraffe stepping out….
NNP August 2017-12
For a show at Radisson Blue…
NNP August 2017-21
And maybe collect rent from some people in Upperhill.
NNP August 2017-33
While some where coming from the City…
NNP August 2017-34
And had to fuel for the never ending long journey back…..

Stay Blessed…..

With Love

Evans Ogeto (The Photographer)


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