The Maasai Mara Trip #001

Got really excited from day 1 of this Nature and Wildlife photography journey. I have been to many parks and wildlife reserves but never to Mara National Park. I have always wanted to surprise myself with Mara and so it happened.

A few days ago I got information about a trip that was organized by Stephen Nderitu of Photo Kenya and Abdi of Kiboslopes Safaris and when I looked at the details I was impressed. It was a land cruiser with only 5 photographers in each. The fee was very affordable with 2 nights and crazy game drives.

Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1

Our guide was one of the most experienced in the industry thus far I have met, the old man took us everywhere within a very short duration and we managed to see a lot more than expected.

Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-2

Started the journey at 8.00am with a great company of 4 other photographers. Our first stop over was Zambezi just after Mahi Mahiu for breakfast. No more stops were scheduled because we were actually late.

Being the Africans we are, we squeezed a stopover at Mbosuany a.k.a Curio Barcelona. Here I saw the largest curving store ever….wholesaler kinda. I also got to spot lots of birds..

Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-4
Take off
Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-5

Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-6

While at it, I met someone who sounded very much interested in photography and was inquiring details about the best gear. He reminded me of my Spanish classes at Strathmore University back in the days.

After lots of misunderstanding we finally agreed he will buy the Canon mount – Sigma 150mm-600mm for his work. Spanish Spanish….now I got to understand why the owner of this place called it after Barcelona…kule kwa kina Messi na Suarez.

The trip to Mara was perfect until we hit the all weather road past the Narok airstrip. Good news is that the road is under construction (work was undergoing already). Which will mean easy travels to Mara and maybe instead of 5 hours, will be looking at 3 hours. I can’t wait. Kudos to whoever is making the roads was long overdue.

This road past Narok reminds me of something hahahahaha……

Have I ever told you guys of how I got into farming? lol.

So flashback to when I was 21 years old with my second job already locked and my dad always wondering where my money went…

Me I am like…tulia tu. One of these days you will get the full report.

I was very respectful to my old man and one day I opened up and told him I was into farming in Narok. He was like its okay… have fun.

For some reason this was the first and last farming project I ever did. I got to start very well…I got someone who leased his land to me- 10 acres…sorted my budgets and planted beans. All went well until one day I made a random visit as I was coming from my village and found Zebras and Impalas on the farm seriously dozing after a heavy graze! One of my friends suggested that we revenge by converting them into meat..

The long and the short: harvesting day came and it only made sense to leave everything on the farm because the harvesting expenses were much more than the expected harvest sales.

Back to Mara…only 4 wheel cars can manage here. Don’t ever lie to yourself that your personal car will do the job.

Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-3

oooh and may be nduthi…

Lot’s of vast land on our way. It’s sad though when I was told that the Maasai Mara is also under threat from the ‘land grabbers’

Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-7

We got to our camp at 2.30pm.

Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-8Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-9

And at 3.30pm we stepped out for our first game drive.

Maasai Mara charged Kshs. 1,000 per person for 24 hours-which meant we didn’t have to pay the next morning.

Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-10

And in less than 15 mins were already busy.

Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-11

Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-12

Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-13
Photographers at the Mara.

Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-14

Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-15
Zero Chills….dude doesn’t ever care how far we have come from.

Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-16

Soon as we got ready to photograph the sunset, it started raining….the kind of rain that starts big and goes all the way….We all watched the sunset beautifully but not much our cameras could do.

Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-17

Day two was great.

Got to the park at 7.30am…and first sight was a lioness with 1 week old cubs.

Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-18Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-19

Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-20

Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-21
They come in Millions.

Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-22Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-23Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-24Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-25Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-26Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-27Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-28Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-29Evans Ogeto-Maasai Mara Sep 2017-1-30

The sunset was magical on the second day.

I had already had enough of Mara with all this. On the third day it was all easy with the sunrise and more vast adventure.

Next time doing the Hot air balloon.

Stay blessed.

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  1. I feel so ashamed that I always ignore your blogs and they are these good. Wonderful and beautiful pics not forgetting the great adventure. I want to visit the Mara after reading that


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