Been a while guys but glad I finally got something to keep you busy this afternoon. Did some interesting coverage for Trueblaq (experiential marketing company) last weekend for one awesome brand ‘Chrome Vodka’ in Thika Town.

There’s this very big party that they organized and was headlined by Sauti sol. Fresh with their brand new single MELANIN ft Patoranking-  we were set for the performance of our life.

With focus on the brand Chrome Vodka, I bring to you some interesting images I got from the event. I hope you get to enjoy them.

Image copyright Vodka

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-1
Early birds or is it love birds…..
Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-2
Party ushers
Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-4
Oooh yes it’s a mega bash.
Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-5
The designated event deejay…Deejay Creepa ‘The Musiq Tailor’
Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-6
Boy child wapole sana.

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-8

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-9
No bottles but recyclable plastics

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-10Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-11

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-12
The Stage.
Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-13
Chrome Vodka Brand Ambassadors.
Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-14
Our type of clientele….

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-22

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-28
First he said he is ‘Otile Brown’, then he was asked to sing like Otile Brown…and he sort to #RESIST
Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-30
And then….

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-32Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-33Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-35

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-39
This dancing style though….

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-40Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-41Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-42Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-44Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-49Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-52

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-55Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-63Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-65Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-67Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-68Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-71Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-75Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-77Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-79Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-80

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-83Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-87Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-89Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-92Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-96Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-98Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-100Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-101Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-102Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-105Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-107Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-108Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-116Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-121Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-125Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-131Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-138Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-139Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-140Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-142Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-149Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-152Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-156Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-160Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-162Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-164Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-174Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-184Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-196Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-198

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-203Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-212

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-216
Time to leave.

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-219Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-220Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-222

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-223
Introducing Juacali

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-226Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-228Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-230Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-243Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-245

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-257Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-261Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-265Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-270

See you next time Inshallah.

Stay blessed.

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