Two Rivers Mall looking AMAZING

Have you been to the largest shopping mall in Kenya this Festive period?

May be this will be the right time for you to visit and experience this amazing mall. I personally got to visit for the first time. I was doing a site visit because I was planning on doing some photos of the Christmas lighting set up done by Dent International on behalf of Two Rivers.

It’s a beautiful place with lots of amenities and the ‘normal’ mall tenants you know….. I loved the shops, most of the shops have affordable prices though including Carrefour Supermarket. The shops seem to have a unique and uniform way of branding to show that the mall’s organization is tops.

Managed to plan my shoot with the client and started off at 10.00pm only to conclude at 4.00am. This place is beautiful and was well complimented by the additional Christmas lights added on.

Let me know what you guys think when you visit.

Image copyright of International




TWO RIVERS Lighting by Dent Int-1TWO RIVERS Lighting by Dent Int-2TWO RIVERS Lighting by Dent Int-4TWO RIVERS Lighting by Dent Int-5TWO RIVERS Lighting by Dent Int-6TWO RIVERS Lighting by Dent Int-8TWO RIVERS Lighting by Dent Int-9TWO RIVERS Lighting by Dent Int-12TWO RIVERS Lighting by Dent Int-13TWO RIVERS Lighting by Dent Int-14TWO RIVERS Lighting by Dent Int-15TWO RIVERS Lighting by Dent Int-16

Stay Blessed.


  1. Beautiful piece of work @ Evans ogeto, as an Architect am mesmerized beyond reproach, the level of photography here deserves an award…keep it up brother


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