RICK ROSS Live Concert in Nairobi

Today, I don’t want to say so much. I’m super excited to share with you guys some of the pictures I got from this much awaited concert that happened yesternight at the Carnivore Restaurant. Yet one of the largest concerts ever to be seen in Kenya with an A-list artist from USA.

Born William Leonard Roberts II, known professionally by his stage name Rick Ross, we were set for an electrifying performance.

Images are subject to copyright to http://www.ogetoevans.com

But first my sponsors for the event.

NRG WAVE 28042018-26NRG WAVE 28042018-27

And it rained….

The vip was amazing..

NRG WAVE 28042018-28NRG WAVE 28042018-29

And the stage too…with a unique L Shape design.

NRG WAVE 28042018-30

NRG WAVE 28042018-31
Brand Singleton Brand Ambassadors.
NRG WAVE 28042018-32
NRG WAVE 28042018-33
Carnivore team

NRG WAVE 28042018-34

NRG WAVE 28042018-27NRG WAVE 28042018-35NRG WAVE 28042018-36NRG WAVE 28042018-37

NRG WAVE 28042018-38
Introducing one of Kenya’s finest Fena on stage.
NRG WAVE 28042018-39
Party people

NRG WAVE 28042018-40

NRG WAVE 28042018-41
Host Mwalimu Rachael

NRG WAVE 28042018-42

NRG WAVE 28042018-43
Introducing Nyashinski on stage.

NRG WAVE 28042018-44

NRG WAVE 28042018-45
And see who he came along with…..Roba formerly of Klepto.

NRG WAVE 28042018-46NRG WAVE 28042018-47NRG WAVE 28042018-48NRG WAVE 28042018-49NRG WAVE 28042018-50

NRG WAVE 28042018-51
Kijana star lakini humble.
NRG WAVE 28042018-52
Guess who is next?
NRG WAVE 28042018-53
Dancers of Christ.

NRG WAVE 28042018-54

NRG WAVE 28042018-55
Introducing Otile Brown
NRG WAVE 28042018-56
and the did their collabo on stage

NRG WAVE 28042018-57

NRG WAVE 28042018-58
with Timmy T dat

NRG WAVE 28042018-59

NRG WAVE 28042018-60
Up next is Papa Jones!

NRG WAVE 28042018-61NRG WAVE 28042018-62NRG WAVE 28042018-63NRG WAVE 28042018-64

NRG WAVE 28042018-65
Mat za Ronga ni……

NRG WAVE 28042018-66NRG WAVE 28042018-67NRG WAVE 28042018-68NRG WAVE 28042018-69

NRG WAVE 28042018-70

NRG WAVE 28042018-71NRG WAVE 28042018-74NRG WAVE 28042018-76NRG WAVE 28042018-77NRG WAVE 28042018-78NRG WAVE 28042018-79NRG WAVE 28042018-80NRG WAVE 28042018-81NRG WAVE 28042018-82NRG WAVE 28042018-83NRG WAVE 28042018-84NRG WAVE 28042018-85NRG WAVE 28042018-86NRG WAVE 28042018-87NRG WAVE 28042018-88NRG WAVE 28042018-89NRG WAVE 28042018-90

NRG WAVE 28042018-91
Wakenya na kutupia wasini manguo!

NRG WAVE 28042018-92NRG WAVE 28042018-93NRG WAVE 28042018-94NRG WAVE 28042018-95NRG WAVE 28042018-96NRG WAVE 28042018-98NRG WAVE 28042018-99NRG WAVE 28042018-100NRG WAVE 28042018-101NRG WAVE 28042018-103NRG WAVE 28042018-104NRG WAVE 28042018-105NRG WAVE 28042018-106NRG WAVE 28042018-107NRG WAVE 28042018-108NRG WAVE 28042018-109NRG WAVE 28042018-110NRG WAVE 28042018-111NRG WAVE 28042018-112NRG WAVE 28042018-113NRG WAVE 28042018-114NRG WAVE 28042018-115NRG WAVE 28042018-117NRG WAVE 28042018-118NRG WAVE 28042018-120

NRG WAVE 28042018-122
Song list

NRG WAVE 28042018-123NRG WAVE 28042018-125NRG WAVE 28042018-126NRG WAVE 28042018-127NRG WAVE 28042018-129NRG WAVE 28042018-130NRG WAVE 28042018-131NRG WAVE 28042018-132NRG WAVE 28042018-133NRG WAVE 28042018-134NRG WAVE 28042018-135NRG WAVE 28042018-137NRG WAVE 28042018-138NRG WAVE 28042018-139

Performance ended at 2.30am.

Stay blessed till my next post.




  1. Did those people who were shouting there go to church afterwards? All entertained the devil then went to sleep. I urge all to be BORN AGAIN


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