To the Heart through my Eyes:Mwanza City

Mwanza trip May 2018-1

When the sun sets and the adolescent of the day breaks into puberty the view of Mwanza Town is chaotic, chaotic to the memory, to the eyes and to the beauty it captivates. And you cannot talk about captivation without mentioning Mwanza City’s beautiful beaches. Rock City, a major Tanzanian port on Lake Victoria, it stands more like a rebellious teenager overlooking the glorious Lake Victoria and with its beautiful rocks.

Mwanza trip May 2018-1

The city makes good its threat of stealing your heart serving as a base from which to explore nearby Saanane Island National Park, the beautiful beaches of Malaika, Wagihill and Shafik and the western parts of the Serengeti National Park. Saanane Island National Park offers pleasant day-hikes and bird watching around the shores of Lake Victoria as one embraces the sunset caressing his face. Mwanza’s proximity to the Western Serengeti National Park makes it a necessary stop for visitors who want to experience a less bust part of the park and see the magic of the Serengeti without the parade of safari vehicles and seasonal crowds, inhabited mostly by the Sukuma tribe the town is not only a city of beautiful sceneries but a home of  beautiful souls too.

Mwanza trip May 2018-4Mwanza trip May 2018-5

We set to explore business opportunities in Mwanza but the exploration did not only  give us opportunities but also gave us memories captured beautifully in lense and words.

Mwanza trip May 2018-2

Our journey to Mwanza began at Kenya’s capital Nairobi to a torturous 15hrs drive waning through western part of Kenya, through Narok, Kisii, Migori, Isbania and Sirare then slowly snakes into the loin of Tanzania, your sleepy being will be woken by the beautiful view of Lake Victoria on your right and monster like rocks that almost stand to welcome you to the beautiful city as if they are in agreement of your presence, the zooming of the cars is halted by noisy touts welcoming you to the City in Swahili at Buzuruga bus terminus and directing those transiting to other destination .It is the city of love to the eye and heart.

Mwanza trip May 2018-27

This is the City where I feel in love, it is where my love story started and ended, it is one City that not only stole my heart but my eyes too, the humane nature of its residents, the scenic views of its landscape, the beautiful souls and one Mayflower (Mayflower is story for another day). We set forth ;me and one Evans Ogeto.

Mwanza trip May 2018-8

We left Nairobi at 2100hrs through rainy roads and reached Mwanza City at 1300hrs the following day, at the gate of Mwanza City stands Rock City Mall, a mall which houses banks, utility and convenience stores but above all houses the Cask Lounge, Cask Lounge with its long bar tables, beautiful waiters and generous view stands at the very exit of Rock City Mall, with ample parking and a chance to view the Mwanza ladies walking to and from the mall on this particular day.

Mwanza trip May 2018-6

Neighboring Rock City Mall is The Villa, I call it the head office of fish this is where your fish eating skills are tested and mine were found very wanting. Fish at Villa can stir someone to orgasm just by its smell and sight, this is where all fish have their annual general meeting, where they chart their next course and for only Tzs 10,000.00(Kes 500) you can eat your BIG fish and mock your ancestors for not discovering this place before their death, this fish is served with Ugali what Tanzanians call Sima.

We checked on to Farm Hotel and the Eastern gate of Rock City Mall, this place is heaven, clean rooms, cold beers and English Challenged receptionist with a deep grasped Kiswahili. The rooms especially the presidential suites at only Tzs.120, 000.00(Kes 6,000) bed and breakfast is heaven on earth, the bathtub offers a cooling effect to the tortuous journey, it is a place to be. After eating big fish, with cold beer and spoken to a beautiful lady whom we later learnt was called Shegga and not Chege (how we became friends is a story my children will narrate to their wives). Shegga was to be our guide for the rest of the week.

Mwanza trip May 2018-9

Shegga is a lady with infectious smile and golden heart, born in Arusha, she wandered into rock city looking for greener pastures, I wondered why one would look for greener pasture in a town full of only rocks, water and sunset.

Mwanza trip May 2018-11Mwanza trip May 2018-12Mwanza trip May 2018-14Mwanza trip May 2018-17

The very fair Shegga took us to Malaika Beach. Seduced by a big wall bricked gate Malaika beach welcomes you in with beautiful green lawns and large offering of Lake Victoria enmase like a he goat on heat, the beach offers the view of the Lake as if its an offer of residency, on the left is Malaika Beach Resort home of not only good food but a place where you can sit and watch crocodiles as they hunt   on clear waters beneath  competing with fishermen for fish.

Mwanza trip May 2018-3

The light showers interrupt our sightseeing and we head to dancing rocks-Rock Beach-, a place that presents the sunset like virginity-free and pure. The city just like its people are not only generous but also expansive, this is where you see the sun but if lucky you can see your future, the ladies here with endowed behinds and beautiful voices can make you plan a wedding even before meeting them. We set home satisfied that not only have we created memories but made relationships as well.

Mwanza trip May 2018-22

Mayflower, the most beautiful lady from Mwanza City and her grace welcomes us to Tilapia Bay at Capri Point Area, Mayflower herself is a sight to wonder, standing at 5.2 the lady defines beauty, her grasp of general courtesy, her physique is a sight to wonder, and she bears Chinese eyes and dimples as if God created her after earning bonus, she is not only beautiful but also has a pretty soul with elegance to match.

Mwanza trip May 2018-23

Mwanza trip May 2018-25

Through TANAPA she books us to a boat that took us to Saanane National Park ,the park boasts of the first ever park located within a city in Tanzania,the park is a home of Impala,Rock Hyrax, Debraz monkey, Agama lizards, pancake and Leopard tortoise ,a pride of two very annoyed Lions who originated from Serengeti National Park basically they are just slay queen and the boyfriend, a boyfriend who is always annoyed and ready to attack except that its caged by barbed wire, and a very elusive python.In this part of the park even the rocks are regarded as part of government is resources and is guarded and protected .

Mwanza trip May 2018-15

Being the smallest park in  Tanzania and just stretching over 2.1sqre KM it stands on a rocky Island within Lake Victoria .With our most resourceful tour guide Juma we board the boat MV SAANANE with after a nice meal of goat soup and rice. Saanane Park which is managed by TANAPA (Tanzania National Parks) is named after Mzee Sanane who first inhabited the place before his death,the story has that the old man sold the 2km stretch of the park to the government for a paltry  Tzs 176(Kes 8.8) and you thought Judas was cheap? but died before he could relocate.Story told beautifully to us by Juma of TNP

Mwanza trip May 2018-13

Mwanza trip May 2018-16Mwanza trip May 2018-18

The densely vegetated park is portioned into the picnic site, the sunset view, the dancing stone, the giraffe stone, the Kiboko wa Nyerere,the camping site amongst others. The sunset view embraces your imagination with a sight to wonder The lake gives way to Tilapia beach resort where beauty and life hug each other.

Mwanza trip May 2018-26

Tilapia  beach looks over the lake like an overprotective parent giving the lake to you like a dose of painkillers.

Mwanza is not only a city of the likes of Mayflower, beautiful rocks and experiences but is a place that takes your breath off your nose, fulfills your heart and teach you not only how to love but also provides closure to a broken heart, we set our journey back grateful but also with a heavy heart of what we left behind.

Mwanza trip May 2018-7Mwanza trip May 2018-21Mwanza trip May 2018-10Mwanza trip May 2018-19

Story narrated by Ken Osano of (

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Mwanza trip May 2018-1Mwanza trip May 2018-2Mwanza trip May 2018-3Mwanza trip May 2018-4Mwanza trip May 2018-5Mwanza trip May 2018-6Mwanza trip May 2018-7Mwanza trip May 2018-8




    1. Hi Cyprian, I am really humbled to hear such an inspirational message from you. Keep up with the learning experience and when time comes let’s exchange our experiences and learn from each other. All the best in your photography work.


  1. Hellow Sir Ogeto, you are an inspiration and I was lucky to visit the National Park again about 2 weeks. It was inspiring to know that you visited here too (a hint from Juma the guide, saalaams by the way). On your next trip to DSM would love to do a park together. Stay blessed and keep inspiring us.


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