Been a while guys but glad I finally got something to keep you busy this afternoon. Did some interesting coverage for Trueblaq (experiential marketing company) last weekend for one awesome brand ‘Chrome Vodka’ in Thika Town.

There’s this very big party that they organized and was headlined by Sauti sol. Fresh with their brand new single MELANIN ft Patoranking-  we were set for the performance of our life.

With focus on the brand Chrome Vodka, I bring to you some interesting images I got from the event. I hope you get to enjoy them.

Image copyright Vodka

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-1
Early birds or is it love birds…..
Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-2
Party ushers
Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-4
Oooh yes it’s a mega bash.
Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-5
The designated event deejay…Deejay Creepa ‘The Musiq Tailor’
Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-6
Boy child wapole sana.

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-7Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-8

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-9
No bottles but recyclable plastics

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-10Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-11

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-12
The Stage.
Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-13
Chrome Vodka Brand Ambassadors.
Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-14
Our type of clientele….
Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-15
The event Mcees Obinna(left) and Philipo.

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-17Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-20Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-22Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-23Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-24Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-26

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-28
First he said he is ‘Otile Brown’, then he was asked to sing like Otile Brown…and he sort to #RESIST
Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-30
And then….

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-32Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-33Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-34Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-35Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-37Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-38

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-39
This dancing style though….

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-40Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-41Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-42Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-43Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-44Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-45Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-46Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-48Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-49Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-50Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-52

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-54
Introducing Fenamental.

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-55Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-56Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-58Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-59Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-60Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-61Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-62Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-63Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-64Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-65Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-67Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-68Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-69Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-70Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-71Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-72Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-75Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-77Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-78Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-79Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-80

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-81
Introducing Sauti Sol

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-82Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-83Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-86Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-87Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-89Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-91Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-92Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-94Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-96Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-98Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-99Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-100Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-101Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-102Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-103Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-105Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-107Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-108Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-111Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-116Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-117Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-121Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-125Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-129Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-130Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-131Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-132Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-133Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-134Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-137Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-138Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-139Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-140Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-141Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-142Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-143Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-144Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-145Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-146Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-147Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-148Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-149Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-150Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-151Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-152Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-153Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-156Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-158Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-159Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-160Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-162Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-164Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-165Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-166Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-167Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-168Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-169Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-171Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-174Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-177Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-181Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-184Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-185Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-188Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-193Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-194Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-195Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-196Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-197Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-198Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-199Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-200

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-201
Introducing Timmytdat

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-202Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-203Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-204Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-205Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-206Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-207Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-208Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-210Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-212Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-214Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-215

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-216
Time to leave.
Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-217
Introducing King Kaka.

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-218Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-219Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-220Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-221Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-222

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-223
Introducing Juacali

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-224Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-225Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-226Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-227Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-228Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-229Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-230Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-231Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-233Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-234Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-238Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-239Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-240Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-242Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-243Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-244Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-245Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-246Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-248Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-249

Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-250Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-252Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-253Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-254Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-257Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-259Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-261Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-265Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-267Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-268Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-269Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-270Chrome Mega Bash Thika-Unitedpix-271

See you next time Inshallah.

Stay blessed.

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#ViceNites is back

#ViceNites is back

The #ViceNites brand activations are back and lucky to have been apppointed to cover some of their events and so far so good. Here is how it has been so far but first:

What is ViceNites about?

Vicenites is about bringing the Viceroy tag line and activation concept (True Balance) to life and further looking for the opportune avenues to connect with our clients (millennials 18 – 30 yrs.). There is no better way to do it than through music.
Deejay Cremme Del Cremme in action at #Vicenites Party Diaspora Rongai Kenya.
Happy people.
Nyashinski, see what your music does to your people.
Deejay Joe Mfalme & Mc Jose with our Brand Ambassadors at Memphis USIU, Nairobi.
Deejay Joe Mfalme at Memphis.

From a Viceroy’s perspective True Balance is a balance between our heritage – where we have come from and the future – where we are going. To our audience – heritage – where they are coming from and their future – what they are aspiring to.
The balancing act by our brand ambassadors

The idea is to party with the best deejay in Kenya.

What is making it Bigger & Better?

As opposed to last time (Feb-May 2017); This time round ViceNites will not only be in Nairobi but has now grown to reach the regional towns – Nakuru/Kisumu/Mombasa/Nyeri/Meru/Machakos – thus bigger and better.

You can count on us to make your Mashujaa weekend…Viceroy brings you the experience in your local hangout.

Vicenites K1-19_10_2017

Vicenites Mojos

Vicenites NakuruVicenites MombasaVicenites Mojos 2

Vicenites Nanyuki

Reason to Believe – Tastings and Special Promo

In addition, ViceNites will again give consumers the opportunity to sample Kenya’s favourite brandy (Viceroy 5) and further The New Addition to the Viceroy Family Viceroy 10 – the ‘smoothest’ brandy in town. There will also be the opportunity to purchase by the bottle and at special discounts, – 750ml, 375ml and 250ml.
The sample.
Some table talking
The Interactions
And what do you think about our brand.
One of the intentions of this whole activation is to recruit new Viceroy Consumers….
Serving bucket.
The full package.
How about our vip look with some nice branding.
They will talk you through the brand
Happy customer
The party always starts with Viceroy.
Because we want your attention.
Viceroy Stars Dj Cremme del Cremme (Left) and Mc Jose.
Party Selfie
You have got to be your number one fan.
The interactions.
Mc Jose engaging the crowd.
Party people.

Terms and Conditions apply; Don’t Drink & Drive; Excessive Consumption of Alcohol is Harmful to your Health. Not for sale to persons under the age of 18 years


Koroga Festival 19th Edition Ft. Fally Ipupa

Koroga Festival 19th Edition Ft. Fally Ipupa

Are you wondering what happened at Koroga Festival yesterday? Feeling like you missed something?

Here we go.

Copyright: Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct 2017-32 Oct 2017-33
The Kansoul performing. Oct Oct 2017-35 Oct 2017-36
Getting ready for Fally. Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct 2017-55 Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct 2017-64 Oct 2017-65
Happy people. Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct 2017-72 Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct 2017-119

This slideshow requires JavaScript. Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct 2017-124 Oct 2017-125
Young man is lucky. Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct 2017-150 Oct 2017-151
Fally: I will keep it. Oct 2017-152
Thank you. Oct 2017-153
Love Kenya. Oct Oct 2017-155 Oct 2017-156
But still… Oct 2017-157
Do you guys know who is coming for the next?…. Oct 2017-158
Koroga Festival and its Assets. To the after-party. Oct 2017-159 Oct 2017-160
I don’t know I am suspecting her…. Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct 2017-176

Stay blessed.


Awilo Longomba Live-15th Edition of Koroga Festival

Awilo Longomba Live-15th Edition of Koroga Festival

The 15th Edition of Koroga Festival was held at Arboretum Nairobi this past weekend(27th Nov 2016). The event featured one of the best Lingala artists from Congo. ‘Awilo Longomba‘ as is popularly known wowed the crowd with his amazing songs and dance.

Here are a few images I captured during his outstanding performance.

(Images are copyright of


koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-7koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-8koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-9koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-11koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-12koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-13koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-14koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-15koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-16koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-17koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-18koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-19koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-20koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-21koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-22koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-23koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-24koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-25koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-26koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-27koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-28koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-29koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-30koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-31koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-32koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-33koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-34koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-35koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-36koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-37koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-38koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-39koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-40koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-41koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-42koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-43koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-44koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-45koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-46koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-47koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-48koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-49koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-50koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-51koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-52koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-53koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-54koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-55koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-56koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-57koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-58koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-59koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-60koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-62koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-63koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-64koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-65koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-66koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-67koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-68koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-69koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-70koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-71koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-72koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-73koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-74koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-75koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-76koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-77koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-78koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-79koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-80koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-81koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-82koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-83koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-84koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-85koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-86koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-87koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-88koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-89koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-90koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-91koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-92koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-93koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-94koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-95koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-96koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-97koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-98koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-99koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-100koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-101koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-102koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-103koroga-festival-nov-2016-unitedpix-104Till the next event.

Stay blessed.