Smirnoff Electric Night

I just didn’t want this to be another event that I would have ended up shooting for my hard disk and client. Look through and see the fun that we had at the TRM rooftop with team Smirnoff on 1st Oct 2016. Smirnoff threw a party to launch its new brand ‘Smirnoff Electric Ice Ginseng’ to the consumers. Check out how it was in pictures with DNG as the hypeman. There more images on the Smirnoff Kenya page on facebook. You can always check them out and tag your friends. Stay Blessed. Cheers.

Launch of NEW Smirnoff Electric Ginseng

Its quite late (11.52pm) on Wednesday especially now that tomorrow is a working day. I just don’t feel good going to bed with images of this launch that I took yesterday. I am always excited to see some new brands coming in and growing so fast to be so huge (count on this brand to do exactly that). I vividly remember a while back taking photos of the the Smirnoff Guarana at this same venue and by then Guarana was just a name. Years later, Guarana is one of the best product out here in it’s category. Yet again EABL…